Septic System Installer in El Paso County Colorado

Welcome to the scenic landscapes of El Paso County, Colorado! As you embark on the journey to build your dream home or upgrade your property’s wastewater system, understanding the unique challenges of septic system installation in this high-altitude environment is crucial. Ace’s Garden is a licensed septic system installer in El Paso County Colorado, and this guide walks you through the septic installation process.

How Altitude Impacts Your Septic System

El Paso County’s high altitude presents distinctive considerations for septic system installations. The lower oxygen levels and temperature variations at higher elevations impact your septic system operation. The low pressure and temperature affect the wastewater, chemicals, (bacteria) and pumping relative to lower altitudes.

People wrongly credit our high altitude for septic system issues in El Paso County. Instead, it is the swelling soil causing the most problems. Expansive soil, also called swelling soil, wreak havoc on underground wastewater components. According to the Geological Society of America, damage from swelling soil is also mistakenly attributed to poor construction practices.

For details on septic system installation at even higher altitudes, check out this guide to Septic Installation in Teller County.

Septic Regulations in El Paso County Colorado

Navigate the regulatory landscape of septic system installations in El Paso County with Ace’s Garden. Our experts work with the Public Health Department on specific permits, codes, and regulations. Ensuring compliance with local code enforcement results in an efficient installation and successful final inspection. Our step-by-step guide streamlines the permitting process for a hassle-free installation experience.

In addition to El Paso County regulations, there are also statewide regulations that can be found here.

Septic System Site Assessment and Soil Test

Septic System Installer in El Paso County Colorado excavating soil test pits

The most important step for any new septic system installation is the site assessment. During this phase we meet you on site with our engineer and installation foreman to discuss component locations and perform the state required soil engineer tests. Why is this step so important? Simply put, the location of your septic system and drainfield dictates the location of any future construction.

The site assessment also has a major impact on system design. For example, if your property will only support a leach field that is above grade from the home, your septic design will require a pump to push the wastewater uphill. The site assessment is your opportunity to discuss questions or concerns about placement of the system components.

Septic System Design

In El Paso County, and most of Colorado, you are required to have your system designed by a Colorado licensed septic engineer. A Colorado licensed engineer must stamp septic system designs, from conventional systems to innovative alternatives, to obtain an installation permit. At Ace’s Garden we work with an affordable and efficient engineering team for all septic system designs.

Topography, soil composition, setback requirements, environmental factors, system accessibility and more are all considered in your septic system design. At Ace’s Garden we have a network of preferred septic engineers, but we can install off the design of your own engineer too.

Expert Tips For Colorado Septic Installers

As an experienced septic system installer in El Paso County Colorado, our install team has seen just about everything. We’ve come up with the following installation tips for ambitious DIYers tackling their own install.

First, familiarize yourself with local, state, and national regulations governing septic system installations. Compliance is crucial for the success of your project. Your first resource should be the El Paso County Public Health Department. They are the governing body that handles issuing permits and inspections for all septic system installations.

Next, purchase or rent reliable and high-quality equipment. Having the right tools for the job contributes to efficiency and the quality of your work. In other words, don’t use a 13″ bucket to dig a leach field when you can use a 24″ bucket instead.

Finally, take the time to educate yourself about septic systems, their maintenance, and the importance of proper use. By being informed you are more likely to follow guidelines, reducing the risk of system issues in the future.

Septic System Maintenance

Maintain your septic system by scheduling regular pumping, conserving water, using septic-safe products, and avoiding flushing non-biodegradable items. Schedule professional inspections and educate household members and guests to ensure long-term functionality.

By following this simple list of septic ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ you avoid unnecessary damage to your system.

Septic Don’ts:

  • Don’t flush or dump harsh chemicals.
  • Don’t pour grease or cooking oils down the drain. Instead, allow them to harden overnight and throw them away in the morning.
  • Avoid excessive water usage in short periods to avoid overflowing the system. For example, don’t do laundry and dishes while multiple people take showers all within a short timeframe.
  • Don’t allow heavy objects or vehicles on your drainfield. It was designed to have a specific compaction and flow rate to handle your wastewater. Driving over, or placing heavy objects on your drainfield causes compaction and reduces the ability for wastewater to flow. That means your system will back-up and cause a mess inside the house.

Colorado Septic System Installer

Embark on your septic system installation journey across the state of Colorado with confidence, armed with the knowledge and insights from the Ace’s Garden Installation team.

Whether you’re a seasoned property owner or a first-time builder, Ace’s Garden will empower you to make informed decisions and achieve a successful septic system installation that thrives in the unique conditions of El Paso County, Colorado. Your dream property awaits – let’s build it right!

If you are looking for a licensed septic system installer in El Paso County Colorado, give Ace’s Garden a call today for a free consultation. Call (719) 744-4483.

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