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The Ace's Garden & Landscape Story

It all started with a tractor and a dog…

I’m Ryan, and the picture above is my family.  We love to travel and do just about anything outdoors.  

Not pictured, but still a very big part of the family is our German Shepherd (GSD) named, Ace.  Also not pictured is my awesome Bobcat tractor. Both Ace and the tractor are a big part of my story.

I grew up in the midwest, and it was a very small farm town.  There were less than 50 people in my graduating class from high school!  

My wife, Christy, attended Colorado College, and has lots of family in the area.  When deciding where we would grow our family, I opted for the happy wife happy life approach, and we moved to Colorado.

Missing my midwest roots, I purchased a tractor for use on our small acreage in Teller County, Colorado.  What I didn’t know, but do now, is buying a tractor is a lot like buying a truck.  Suddenly, everyone you know wants to know if you can help them (insert anything here that requires a truck. e.g. moving, gardening, transporting something large, etc.).   It is the best feeling in the world when I get to help someone.

To quickly shorten a long story, what started as a garden tractor has evolved into helping many of the fabulous residents of Teller County with various landscaping projects.  

Our GSD, Ace, loves to protect our garden and tractor from other dogs and wild animals.  The Bobcat tractor is the primary piece of equipment used when landscaping, so when coming up with a name Ace’s Garden and Landscape was born. 


My philosophy is simple… be reliable, do quality work, and always make sure the customer is satisfied.

Following these three simple steps has led to an explosive amount of growth, and a Five Star reputation for Ace’s Garden.

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